Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pipe cleaner for Juice Box Spout

Every now and again I have to get out a pipe cleaner ot two to clean a little something that nothing else can because of how tiny it is and this reusable juice box is due. Easy shmeasy and its back in biz.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Table Hammocking

This was tons of fun and I didn't think I was going to get my table back because they were back and forth in and out of it the entire day. When I finally insisted that dinner needed to be served they decided they were hungrier than they were worried about the hammock coming down. This is just a queen sized flannel bed sheet that has the three corners tied and makes for easy clean up or set up because the tables legs just have to go back into the open corners and pulled up over the table again and the kids and hammocking are back in business! Fun stuff!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Fall Session Make & Take

Head to Toe
- Lip Balm that we can tailor mix for the purpose of healing those cracked or chapped lips or just go cinna-minty with some heat for the cooler days to come.
- Body Butter Whip tailored to nourish skin in a refreshing blend of lavender, grapefruit or some  heat with frankincense and Cinnamon
- Purse sized Spritzer. To kick those shoes off with confidence that both feet and shoes can be freshened at home or elsewhere.

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Move Over Dried Spices

Move Over Dried Spices
Essential Oils will be dropping in – har har! The purity and potency will call for some adjustments in recipes as we navigate from table or teaspoons to drips and drops! Pretty diverse too, when your Black Pepper Oil can make a splash on the Salad your serving at dinner followed by the inclusion of it in the pot of stew and don't stop there because it is also in a batch of your home made Warming Aches and Pains Blend body rub you just made on the weekend that is now in your medicine cabinet in the bathroom. CRAZY right!? 


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Label Yourself Loved!

Be Kind to Yourself
I was mesmerized by a study by Dr Masaru Emoto it was titled - Water, Consciousness and Intent. I was completely awe struck by the photographs of water crystals that came from containers labelled with either a positive message or negative message. Hope you have a chance to follow the link to see for yourself. Then consider this,the average adult is 57-60% water so what we say to ourselves is important. You may notice some Young Living Essential Oils labeled, Joy, Clarity, Peace and Calm. I think it it counts for oils too. I think everything responds well to LOVE.
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