Monday, July 28, 2014

Discount over 50 - that's awkward!

Let me set the stage here for you in this little story.

One day, I am at the grocery store and in line to pay a girl at the checkout.

There are two people ahead of me. There is myself, then a young guy ahead of me and ahead of him is a women about to pay the cashier for her groceries.

The Cashier says “Oh you’re over Fifty, you get a discount.”

Myself and the young guy just ahead of me, turn to get a better "look" at the women paying.

I’m feeling uncomfortable for the women because what if she isn’t fifty? – that’s awkward!

Now the young guy who's next in line to pay the cashier, turns to look at me (he already knows he isn't 50).  

I’m thinking, ok... so I qualify at fifty... but I don’t want to "appear" to qualify....ok?! It wasn't something I was glad I fit in on - lol.

OK but back to the story again, so the Cashier says to the women “Oh you’re over Fifty, you get a discount.”

The women is now saying “hey nice – yes thanks for the discount” and something about aging, to which the cashier throws her hand over her mouth and says “Oh my, gosh, I meant over fifty dollars!”

Not only could you see me roll my eyeballs in my head, I think you could hear them too! Oi yoi yoi!