Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Hailey Grail of Garden Covers

So here is the “Hailey Grail” of Garden Covers! The sun still hits as does the rain but you can be STRESS FREE when hail stones hit Calgary because the Hailey Grail will have your garden protected. This is birthed after Brian and I TRIED to beat a great white combine coming through. We couldn’t get the garden covered in time and it wiped out our poor garden.

Here are your basic instructions:
5 pieces of rebar - halved
5 pieces of PVC tube from Totem
Spool of Mesh from Rona (sturdy construction wire)
4 pieces of 8 foot 1x2
package of zip ties

The wire is attached to the PVC pipe on the far side and the top the half that rolls up is secured by the over lapping of the construction mesh. We lay the wire so it had the tendency to roll up naturally so we did want it to roll up it would have a natural desire to do so the edges are covered both side with 1x2 8 foot length with off cuts running opposite so it holds straight.