Sunday, July 17, 2011


What you Need:

-Ice cube tray or trays
-Milk Bones
-Broth; This can be the water you used to boil your potatoes or veggies in, and then toss an Oxo package in for more flavor then just the cooking water if you like 

Tada - here is one half of the pupsicle complete. You can use the milk bone at this time for an actual pupsicle stick and hold it while your dog (or cat) licks it. Good bonding time.

If you want to make them double ended then this shows you the next step!

The frozen side can now be slid into the freshly poured tray with the remaining broth and then slide carefully back into the freezer.

This is a view of the trays once both sides are frozen and I am about to twist the trays to pop them out.


I toss the whole bunch of them into a zip-lock bag and store in the freezer!

A picture can really say it all - He Loves them!

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