Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Underground Railroad Code and Quilt Patterns

* Come out from there NOW move quickly while you still can.

Baggage / Escaping slaves

Bundles of wood / Fugitives to be expected

Canaan / Canada

Drinking Gord / Big dipper and North Star

Forwarding / Taking fugitive slaves

Freedom Train or Gospel Train / Underground Railroad

Heaven or Promised Land / Canada

Load of Potatoes / Escaping slaveshidden under the farm produce in a wagon

Moses / Harriet Tubman (or the safe person)

Parcels / Fugitives to be expected

Preachers / Leaders, speakers underground railroad

River Jordon / The Mississippi

Shepherds / People escorting slaves

Station / Place of saftey and temporary place of refuge, safe house

Station Master / Keeper of safe house

Stockholder / Donor of money, clothing or food for the underground railroad

The wind blows from the South "today" / A warning to Underground Railroad workers that fugitive slaves were in the area
When the sun comes back and the first quail calls / A particular time of year good for escaping (early spring)
The river bank makes a mighty ''good road" / A reminder that tracking dogs can't follow the scent through water.
The dead trees will show you the way / A reminder that moss grows on the NORTH side of dead trees for day travel when stars are not visible.
A friend with friends / Password used to signal the arrival of fugitives with the Underground railroad conductor.
A friend of a friend sent me / A password used by fugitives travelling alone to indicae they were sent by the Underground Railroad network.

Steal away, steal away, steal away to Jesus / (words to a song) used to alert slaves that an escape attempt was coming up.

Sound the Big Horn and God's you 
Head to BIGHORN ask and look for the territory of Benjamin.