Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Compost and Garden Tips - Old Fashion is Organic

"The Prairie is My Garden" - By Harvey Dunn

Composting looks a little different today with our composting bins but Grandma did the same sort of thing just in her composting pile. She would take leftovers from breakfast, lunch or dinner and throw it on the compost pile. Come spring, Grandpa would spread the compost pile over the garden and turn it all into the soil for her.

Some of the toss offs from meals went right into the ground at the base of her plants or between the rows of her garden. Calcium in crushed eggshells sprinkled on the dirt helped for strong plant stems in the garden and coffee grinds around the plant base once a month before watering repelled slugs and in her flower garden it was great for the acid loving flowers like her Azaleas or Gardenias and banana peels with their potassium helped her roses bloom big!

Grass clippings (pesticide free that is) from the push mower (ya green again – push mowers make a come back!) went in between the garden rows to cut down on soil erosion, weeds and water evaporation. The grass was great for around the base of tomatoes plants and strawberries to keep the fruit off the ground.

The rain barrel was great for quick clean up after gardening. An old pair panty hose with a bar soap inside the end of the toe was always handy for washing up with too!

YOU Grandma are a smarty pants!

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