Thursday, March 15, 2012

Craft-ical Collection

iawigam (if and when I get a minute) craft-icle fun!
I burnt my fingers with the glue gun, never going to get that paint stain out of the carpet but what sweet bliss when hours slip away in what seemed like seconds and I thought of nothing absolutely nothing but the sweet, sweet thing I was creating….
Crocheting - hoods, hats and scarves
Crafty Zone - Hat, hood and glasses
Frilly Scarves - Gwen is at it AGAIN :D

Tit Bits: Hand-knitted breasts
Party Streamer - fabric flags
Party Streamers - paper rolls
Casserole Cover Warmer - re-purposed Iron board cover
Hand Towels
Patio Lantern - glass block
Terrariums - inspired by a Pinterest Pin
Bubble Glass Pendants *NEW

We'll be adding more crafty items all the time so stop by again later!