Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aero Garden Farming Update

Picked up an 7 pod Aero Garden at the thrift store for $10 and it needed a replacement motor which I googled the cost on in the store and they wanted $12 for a replacement motor so in my cart it went.
Let me just tell you how well my herb farming is going!

 (Fisherbrand petri dish package of 25)
So I had these petri dishes out because I was going to start germinating some bean seeds and such
but whilst doing that I look over at my Aero Garden and I need to harvest some of the plants because they are growing like crazy but I don't have any empty fresh herb containers....

So looking at the petri dish I think to myself "hey, what if those Melita coffee filters out in the trailer would fit for a liner?" - cha cha cha! PERFECT!

Now I whip up some lovely labels with some Avery sticker project paper and my graphics program, print that off and then cover it with clear adhesive film so that it is wipe-able.

Cut them out and hopefully apply them straight.

Little sticker on the side because I think I am going to store these in the refrigerator door with the petri dish laying on its side .

Ta-da "Fresh Herbs from the ROOT SELLER"


MacGyver THAT!