Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Day I Decided to do....Revere Cook Ware

   Oh you're set for LIFE alright! *That Supper Train NEVER ends and you'll be making dinners the rest of your life - deep heavy sigh Small print ='s whispering

Well I'm not sure what became of Mrs. Carveth Wells (googled her but perhaps she is fictional?) * BUT Revere Ware Cookware is holding it's own. Quality cookware ahead of it's time and can still go head to head with the best of today's latest brands at a fraction of the cost.

This products longevity has two possible factors that have most likely contributed to its stay power.

1) A Thrift Store where they were selling a set of vintage Revere Ware on the cheap!


2) A guy named Peter who bought the set while he was in College trying to make ends meet. Peter who I say is now to be known as aka "the LONE RANGER" - kind of gives that connotation NEW MEANING now and here's why; Peter couldn't believe the quality of the cookware he picked up and when the odd handle cracked or screw rusted out he started hunting for replacement parts.

Long story short he loves his set of Revere Ware so much and when parts were scarce and hard to find he set out to have parts made and now has a little business on the side, check out

I dare say could he have purchased Mrs. Carveth Wells set of Revere Ware Cookware from that Thrift Store? Couldn't he of!? Was it her set maybe donated after her passing? We'll never know but that lifetime set outlived somebody!

I'll be watching for you "Revere Ware" - Garage Sales - Thrift Stores - Yard Sales - Estate Sales! I am intrigued!

There are 3 things that I loved about researching this.

1) A guy was cooking that's my "FAVE" oh and large print ='s YELLING)

2) That OLDER is worth keeping

3) That you can actually fix something still these days.

oh ok one more.

4) New Target on the weekend sailing radar...Revere Ware!

*************UP DATE**************
Ok so I found a revere ware measuring cup and I am on my way!!