Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cast Iron and Tin Foil - Old Fashion is Organic

Grandma and her cast iron fry pan and not just the one! She had one in all sizes, small, medium and a large size!

Okay what ever was cooking may not slide right out a cast iron fry pan but a bit of coaxing with a flipper or spatula and you were eating without the fear of toxic coatings or fumes coming along with it! If you come across one at a thrift shop, garage sale or you inherited one, cleaning and seasoning aren’t as tuff as you may think.
In most cases a quick boil of some water in it on the stove followed by a scrub in some dishwater will do the job nicely. When it is dry a drop or two of vegetable oil in the pan and complete wipe with paper towel or cloth will do nicely. Now if your breaking one in or you think it needs a complete re-seasoning (that would be anytime you see bare metal through the seasoning) here’s what you do:
Completely coat the fry pan with a thin layer of vegetable oil. Preheat your oven 350 to 400 and place the fry pan upside down in the oven on the middle rack – Upside down is important! Let it treat for about an hour in there. Hot oil may drip off the fry pan and this is where Grandma used tinfoil on the oven bottom to save herself from cleaning and you can protect yourself from using nasty chemicals! Mind you the smell of this process can be somewhat stinky but once your pan has completely cooled and you’ve wiped away any excess oil – your pan should be nicely coated!

Now it still needs a bit of maturing time so avoid cooking tomatoes or things acidic for the first couple of times. Always wipe a light bit of vegetable oil before cooking and after cleaning to maintain your pan.

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