Saturday, December 26, 2015

Note Tree

So here is a yard sale find from a few seasons back. One of those things I bought and wasn’t really sure what I would do with it but I just really liked it. Today I am really glad we have it. It has become an important part in a recent family tradition around here. At New Years when family was gathering at our house to ring in the New Year my sister Sharon had brought small printed bits of paper with scripture on it. They were to be what you might concentrate on for the year ahead. All verses were inspiring or encouraging and we drew them from an envelope. So that was the beginning of the new tradition. Everyone loved seeing what scripture everyone wound up with or which one they got themselves, it was wonderful!  I myself have saved mine each year since we started.

I came across some magnets at staples that were called super magnets because they have some serious PULL on them. Anyway they reminded me of the stones on the tree and the next thing I think of is HEY – let’s put the notes on the tree and then each pick one at midnight if they like. The tree is 30" x 30" and on the wall in the dining room. These days I keep some notes of inspiration on the Note Tree for anyone who’s over. If they mention or say anything about the artwork and the papers on it I tell them to please help themselves to a note and they pick one off for themselves.
Not everyone says something – I just kind of leave it to the spirit. :D