Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Food - Fresh and Dry Equivalents

I want to be able to buy bulk produce to take advantage of the savings, but sometimes we're left with more than we can possibly finish off. I decided to give food drying a try. I have a great cook book "The Hungry Hiker's Book of Good Cooking" by Gretchen McHugh. It is for canoeists, back packers and campers and she promises superb meals from dried ingredients. We also have a Boler trailer, and space is limited. Once I get the hang of it, and some fave recipes, I will pack up for next camping season accordingly. Saved weight and room in the boler will no doubt be appreciated by my husband, Brian.

Fresh Produce                    Dry Equivalents

one green pepper               1/4 cup green pepper flakes
                                       1 pound = 1 cup
one cup carrots                  4 tablespoons powdered carrots
                                       6 carrots = 1 cup
one medium tomato           1 tablespoon powdered tomato  
                                       3/4 pound = 1 cup
potatoes                           1 pound = 3/4 cup
celery                               1 bunch = 1 cup
beets                               1 pound = 3/4 cup
turnips                             1 pound = 3/4 cup
green beans                      1 pound = 1 cup

Cookbook for backpackers, canoeists and campers organized by wild kitchen, getting ready, menu planning, small meals, and the meal at the end of the day. Focused on preparing ahead with fresh ingredients, home-dried foods and mixes that can be easily cooked over a camp stove or fire. More than 135 recipes from hearty soups and stews with dumplings to pilafs and pastas, from stir-fry's to skillet-baked breads. Includes information on building a food dryer, planning meals from a solo hike to a seven-day group trip, selecting the best camp stove, and more.

The list above are some of the ingredients I use a lot of so I am starting with that and I guess you can dry a canned (weird or what) item for cooking later like tomato paste or re-fried beans. I will let you know how it goes but if you have already been food drying and can throw a few pointers my way, that would be appreciated!