Monday, August 17, 2015

Know what will be a Hoot and a real Kicker!?

When I read in the paper and hear in the news that the Sealed Clay Pot described and talked about in Jeremiah 32 is unearthed or found.
Won't that freak a few people out.
Think about it..why would God tell Jeremiah that his cousin is coming to offer to sell land to him (which he did) just as G-d had said he would, so then, YES of course Jeremiah buys it. Then the big signing and witnessing, two copies, one sealed, one not and then seal it in a clay pot so it will last a long time. *So how long? Long enough to be unearthed and found at Jubilee, the 70th Jubilee in 2015/16 (beginning in September 20 and ending in September of 2016.)  I would suggest that the 70th Jubilee is extra significant in that the real estate of the whole planet will not only be returned to its original owner, but to the Creator.

Proof of land ownership would certainly be something wouldn't it?

Especially if this is land in the Territory of Benjamin.
The Temple was in the territory of Benjamin.

So, I wonder when G-d is going to roll these documents out again and that 3rd Temple?
But... what do I, know?

A prayer,
O Lord our heavenly Father, Bless us today we beseech thee. May your love rest upon us, and that your presence may  be with us. We give ourselves to you Father for gracious keeping, and all who are near and dear to us. Have mercy on any of us who are sick, comfort those who are in pain, anxiety or sorrow. Awaken any who are careless about eternal things and teach us to be of good account whatever talents you have lent us and redeem our own time by patience and zeal. Teach us to recognize love in one another and help us to bear one another's burdens. Preserve us, O Lord while waking and guard us while we are sleeping, that awake we may know that we are watched over by Christ, and asleep, that we have our peace in him.