Saturday, December 26, 2015

Power vs. Force

Reading from Luke12:8-34

Power vs. Force

Jesus is teaching about the man who built bigger barns to store his grain and goods because once he has plenty he will take time off to enjoy it yet that very night his life was demanded of him. Then Jesus asked who will get what he prepared for himself? He goes on from there to say what really counts and why do we try to do for ourselves all the things that we can't possibly do? He points the way saying that the Father knows that we are in need of them, but that we should seek his kingdom, and these things shall be given to us as well.

I want to talk a minute about Power vs. Force. Now "Force" is immediate and it looks good but it is a mirage a fake! It has no staying ability, no stand ability no permanents to it. That is what this man did with the barns,… Force.

Now "Power" takes a little longer to show up because it builds a foundation down deep and solid, but by the time you see it it's eternal. Permanent. The "Power" is God, we go to him, he does it for us. Then what is given to us cannot be taken. Verse 32 " Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. Sounds better than some barns. Don't leave five minutes before your miracle happens. Trust even at times when your circumstances seem so difficult. When building deep foundations there are bound to be huge rocks and even bigger boulder's Power is with you as your builder trust him, ride it out till you see for yourself.