Thursday, April 9, 2015

Garlic - Penny Stretching

Penny Stretching
 My garlic is growing...and my garden isn't ready yet. I have 5 big bulbs of it that I need to do something with before I lose them.

I'm going to relax and watch some TV (taped Vikings - lol) and peel some cloves. I have two bowls, one for my skins and the other for the cloves, something like eating peanuts but no immediate pay off - lol.
Have a few smaller canning jars that are perfect for the cloves and once they are packed with as many as it will hold, I fill it to the top with my olive oil. The peeled cloves store nicely in the sealed olive oil jars and the olive oil can be used salad dressing and such. Just grab a fresh clove garlic when you need it and mince or press away!