Monday, April 6, 2015

Onions - Penny Stretching

Stretching Pennies 
I ordered a large box (40 - 45 lbs produce) from "The Good Food Box." I wanted to make sure I got full use of my box and that nothing was wasted so I set to chopping and dicing my onions.
Great little set up I have here - hey!! With everything at the double sink clean up is a breeze.
My bag had 12 medium sized onions and one onion was a gone-er so another reason why I took to some chopping today. I like to use a large muffin tray - each pocket is basically 1/2 a cup so I fill, freeze and sandwich bag the portions and then freezer bag the bunch.
One medium onion is roughly = to 1 cup  diced onions. I slip my hand into the sandwich bag, scoop out the 1/2 cup frozen onion, roll it up and tuck it in the Ziploc freezer bag.

It's a month in between the delivery of the produce and while some items in the box are gone in no time, things like onions, garlic or peppers can spoil or begin to turn before using them. This idea makes certain I stretch my pennies. I'll be able to add these portions to recipes or toss into some frozen hash browns when rushing to get a dinner together before a soccer game or something!