Saturday, August 8, 2015

Pair of Jadite Fire King D Handle Coffee Mug Cups - sigh

Estate sale score! There they were, his and her mugs I'm sure. They sat in a box amongst a myriad of mugs set for a take away price of varied worth and I gasped when I spotted them. The lady across the box from me said "What is it? What's wrong?" as I'm scrambling these beauties into my basket - (another score of the estate sale that day)
"I've just been looking for mugs like these and now here there are TWO.  I can't believe there are two!" How had they made it so far and so long together and without a chip crack or break I wonder?
One mug is just a hair darker in colour but both still have the most marvelous sheen. They are lovely, oh so LOVERLY!!!