Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sticky Sap and a Lemon Drop


Of course July and August invariably gets us out camping at some point.
I'm in love with Kananaskis Country and it is a quick trip to any camp ground there from here where we live so travel is short and sweet.
A trailer helps so it's not such an ordeal to pull it all off packing and unpacking it's just really the food you need to think about,after all it's a pretty well known consensus that we're suppose to be for the most part roughing it. Last time we were out the kids strung up a hammock and it and themselves were a sappy mess! Nothing I could really do, I had nothing with me and at home was no better. I only had nail polish remover (not the best for direct skin contact) Well got a chance to put this little lemon essential oil of mine to work on 4 year old Dane. We have a string of pine trees out front in the yard and he found a sticky patch to cover most his left forearm with the stuff. Couple of drops on a clothe and it wiped right off. No vigorous rubbing required. I was impressed, Dane loved the smell and I don't remember it going anything like that when the nail polish remover debuted - RIGHT!? 
LOVE the diversity in a bottle! Excellent price as well.


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