Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Session Make and Take

OK, Summer Session it is! You and your guests will tailor make 3 products to suite each of you perfectly! They will need to bring $10 each person to offset supply costs but they take home;

1) Therapeutic Grade Bath Salts (3 treatments)
2) Sunscreen Bar (Size of most deodorant bars)
3) Bug Be Gone Insect Repellent. (100ml bottle)

We'll be mixing and pouring with empowering purpose and when we are done, you will have all the knowledge you need to make your own healthy, budget friendly products.  Recipes will be included for each one,as well as where you can get the containers and the basics should you get adventurous in the future!
Many of these basic recipes can be swapped out an oil or two and by doing so you will get an entirely different product, for example; The Sunscreen Bar has basic components as a starting point but by using different oils than were required in sunscreen you could be making a Muscle-Ache Bar.
I look forward to the fellowship!

I am partnered (under tutelage) of/with my sister Sharon Whelan with "Sharin Essential Oils" so you will meet her that day as well. We played together as kids and we're having just as much fun today with this. My other support beyond belief is another sister Christina.  Both these lovely ladies are in my up-line so I have been trained well and YOU, should you decide to join the team will get the same support from me!

Interested in hosting a "Make and Take" ? It's like crafting with purpose.


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