Sunday, July 31, 2016

Yes, I (pooped) a peppermint, blink blink blink blink.

Straight up this is an awkward topic but let's talk about it because, there's some help for us in this regard!

My preference is ALWAYS to be at home to use my own washroom. It is a huge "OH NO" when I know I am going to have to use a washroom elsewhere. Who wants to be recognized as the stinky one coming out of the bathroom. What help is the bathroom FAN? When you turn it on half the time at this house it sounds like its taking the roof off and can be heard from anywhere in the house - How discreet is THAT? It's a sure signal that you have dropped a number 2 at home or abroad, am I right?

I would much rather have the company I keep say to themselves or me....hmm? My bathroom smells like peppermint.

Yes I (pooped) a peppermint, blink blink blink blink.



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