Monday, August 1, 2016

Codeine and Looking After Kids?

How is that going to work? Had a broken tooth extracted at the dentist the other day. Glad to get it out of my mouth as my tongue obsessed over it even though it had sharp edges on it I was forever trying to remind myself to leave the tooth alone. I was given the usual documentation on what to do in the following days of an extraction so as NOT to get Dry Socket but even following all the directions my extraction went ROGUE on me and I was in a hurry to get back in to see the Dentist (funny how much I love the dentist when I am in pain) to see what could be done for the problem. Yes - Dry Socket it is. He did a number of things to the extraction sight and sent me off again but with some Tylenol 3s with Codeine. Well that works if your in a position to knock yourself out and the kids can look after themselves but they're small so NO and besides that I could feel a codeine hang over. A friend mentioned packing her socket with clove oil and it was instant relief. I'm a Young Living Brand Oiler but hadn't that oil in my arsenal yet but remedied (har har) that right away. Called my oil connections and in this case "Sharin Essential Oils" did just that - shared her clove oil (actually she gave it to me) Eye dropper in hand, clove oil loaded I hit the socket with a drop. It was wonderful. It was empowering. I was able to manage that with a natural product. I used it as I needed it and before long it was healed.  My pick over Tylenol 3s with Codeine any day.


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